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HomeProject ManagementWhat is the eligibility requirement for Prince2® Certification?

What is the eligibility requirement for Prince2® Certification?

The PRINCE2 project management system stands for Projects in Controlled Environments. Developed in 1989 by the CCTA (Central Computer Telecommunications Agency) in the UK, PRINCE2 has developed from an initial IT application into a full-scale method to implement the best project management practices. While PRINCE2 was more commonly used within the UK, it has now reached private sector businesses across the world.

The PRINCE2 methodology revolves around organization and control. All elements are revealed and prioritized with activities following suit. Before the project even begins, the required components and the team to execute are assembled.

Prince2® Certification eligibility

There are three main roles and seven key steps of the PRINCE2 methodology consists of:

The three key roles are The Project Manager, Customer, and Project Board

The seven steps are listed as:

  1. Starting the Project
  2. Initiation of the Project
  3. Directing the Project
  4. Control Stages
  5. Product Delivery
  6. Stage Boundary Management
  7. Closure of the Project

The structure may be straightforward to understand but is best left to a professional to execute. Organizations looking to introduce the PRINCE2 method into their business are quick to onboard a certified professional able to offer the right guidance and insight to adopt the same to their corporation.

Prince2® Certification Eligibility:

There are two variants of PRINCE2 certifications available:

1. PRINCE2 Foundation Certification:

The PRINCE2 foundation certification course is an introductory training around the concepts of PRINCE2. The foundational certification requires candidates to pass an examination of sixty questions over an hour. The examination is structured to include multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank options. A minimum of 55% is required to successfully pass the exam.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

In order to sit for the PRINCE2 foundation certification, there are no strong prerequisites. Candidates from any background with a willingness to understand the PRINCE2 structure are able to sit the course. While it is recommended to have basic project management knowledge, it is not mandatory. This means professionals at any capacity within an organization or out of interest to expand their corporate skillset are able to sit the certification.

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2. PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification:

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is a higher tier certification awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the advanced level course and examination. The practitioner examination consists of eighty questions to be completed over two and a half hours. Candidates may bring their PRINCE2 manual with them as it is an open-book examination. The questions are structured around objective testing and require a minimum passing score of 55% to receive accreditation.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • PMP – Project Management Professional or CAPM – Certified Associate in Project Management
  • IPMA Level A/B/C/D

Unlike the PRINCE2 foundation level certification, the practitioner level has one strong prerequisite. Candidates must possess one of three certifications to prove their ability to sit the advanced training:

The option to come in with a PMP or CAPM certification is indicative of minimal prior experience with PRINCE2. This means professionals in higher ranking management positions including senior and product managers and analysts are able to sit the course as well.

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