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Top 7 Power BI Projects for Practice 2024

Picture of Stella Martin
Stella Martin
Stella brings over a decade of expertise in AWS and CyberSecurity, showcasing a remarkable record of success. Her extensive experience spans various facets of these fields, making her a valuable asset to any team or project requiring specialized knowledge and proficiency.

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most used software for professionals who deal with data regularly for multiple purposes. Power BI’s interactive dashboards, exceptional graphs, charts, and various AI-enabled features, are helping users convert raw data into informative visuals and reports. Though the Power BI interface might seem user-friendly, using Power BI projects for practice is quite important in the long term. 

Power BI Projects for Practice

According to Unleash, 80-90% of the data generated daily is unstructured and it is unexpectedly increasing at a rate of 55-60% per year. Unstructured data are untamed and not accurately arranged into neat rows and columns of traditional databases or spreadsheets. These data may include customers’ product sales and profits. To get these data sorted, you can use Power BI for the right visualizations and data structure. Let’s see, what are the various Power BI projects for beginners available.

Check Out These Amazing Power BI Projects for Practice

Customer Churn Analysis

This refers to the customers’ product sales and profits that data professionals can use to analyze regional business growth across multiple regions to understand valuable insights and distribute profits among customers. With the right visualizations and data structure, analysts can easily receive extensive data.

Customer Churn Analysis in Power BI Project

Image Source:

Marketing Campaign Insights Analysis

If you’re keen to observe and infer how marketing campaigns are performing in product groups and platforms, you can use the Marketing Analytics dataset available on Kaggle for this beginner-level project. This is quite beneficial for professionals who are aspiring to be marketing managers or looking for career advancement in the marketing department of any organization. Bar Charts for category-wise expenditures, Column Charts for campaign success rate, Smart Narratives for displaying the key highlights of the campaign, Bubble Charts for customer-wise spending, Cards for showing individual data insights, etc. are the major significant things that can be used in this Power BI project for practice.

Marketing campaign insights analytics in Power BI project

Image Source:

HR Analytics in Power BI

Atlas Labs is one of the best fictitious software for HR data and you can use it practice in HR Analytics in Power BI. If you’re aspiring to be an HR professional who takes care of various employee metrics, HR Analytics in Power BI for beginners is quite essential. You’ll have a holistic view of employee metrics and you can also evaluate employee performance and attrition. 

HR analytics in Power BI projects


Inventory Management and Analysis

Power BI for Project Management allows project managers and inventory managers to check the status of inventory. It is extremely crucial for professionals who are in organizations that sell a range of products across different warehouses. Inventory management is not only about cash in-flow or out-flow but also about checking stocks and getting a hunch if that will be enough to meet the ongoing requirement.

Inventory Management and Analysis using Power BI


Healthcare Data Analysis

Using Microsoft Power BI projects for practices, you can use a fictional consulting company called HealthStat but you’ll get a real-time dataset. The main agenda of this project is to check hospital efficiency insights and suggest needful recommendations for change. First, you’ll take a close look at the data to get an initial understanding. After that, you’ll dig deeper into hospitals that stand out in terms of performance. The goal is to figure out the main factors that affect how long patients stay in the hospital and the cost of discharging each patient.

Healthcare Data Analysis using Power BI Projects


Abnormal Credit Card Transactions

Abnormal transactions in credit cards have been quite a popular scenario in this era and this phenomenon is known as Anomaly detection in credit card transactions. Using 3 different ways, supervised (for labeled datasets), semi-supervised (for normally trained datasets), and unsupervised (for datasets without any labels) you can use Power BI for Anomaly Detection in Credit Card transactions using Machine Learning. 

Anomaly Detection in Credit Card Transactions using Power BI Project


Airport Authority Data Analysing

If you’re in charge of any airport or looking for a career in so, you can use the Airport Authority Data Analysis Power BI project to present a comprehensive overview of important airport data. You can get multiple data on the project’s dashboard like major key information such as the total number of flights (incoming and departing), overall flight delays (both arrivals and departures), ground processing time, and feedback from passengers. This analysis could be valuable for airport management authorities in making informed decisions promptly, especially in situations involving flight changes, emergencies, or delays.

Airport Authority Data Analysis using Power BI project


Advantages of using Power BI Projects for Practice

  • You can use Power BI projects for practice to create interactive and personalized dashboards and reports that show the most relevant information for your business goals.

  • If you want to access real-time data for your practice and refresh it easily, you can always have the latest insights for decision-making using Microsoft Power BI.

  • You can integrate Power BI with Excel and other Microsoft apps, as well as a wide range of data sources, such as Azure, SQL Server, SharePoint, and more.

  • Power BI now has magnificent AI features and machine learning that you can explore and practice to discover patterns, trends, and insights from your data.

  • You can collaborate and share your data and reports with others in your organization, or publish them online for a wider audience.


Microsoft Power BI Projects can be, therefore, used to improve your efficiency in dealing with data from various sources. If you’re looking for career advancement, these projects will help you in gaining valuable experience. However, if you’re a beginner, undergoing a Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 training will increase the relevance of your resume and stand out from your non-certified counterparts. Therefore, if you’re a data professional or looking for a job opportunity in the data world, the PL-300 course with Microsoft Power BI Projects for practice should be one of your topmost priorities.

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