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How Much Does a Scrum Master Certification Costs in 2023?

The Scrum Master Certification framework is a system of interdependent components that enable organizations to take a practical and fragmented approach to problem-solving and internal optimization. The scrum process consists of seven key steps that include:

  • A Product Backlog
  • Sprint Planning
  • A Sprint Backlog
  • A Daily Scrum
  • Increment Completion
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

While these activities can be conducted by professionals’ scrum masters at various roles and levels within a business, order to complete them to the best possible results requires a skilled executive at the helm. Enter the Scrum Master. Obtaining Scrum Master Certification often involves course fees, exam fees, and renewal fees, though not every certification does. The following article presents a breakdown of Scrum Master certification costs.  

What is Scrum Master?

Scrum masters ensure the scrum framework is executed to success. They take on a holistic leadership role to ensure a strong sense of community and shared decision-making is distributed through the teams completing the scrum process. They are also in charge of sharing theory, practical application, rules, and values of the scrum system.

Why Get Scrum Master Certified?

Agile methodologies are currently taking the business world by storm. Introducing efficient and effective internal systems can revolutionize the way an organization conducts business and is able to generate meaningful output.

For professional scrum masters looking to spearhead change within a corporation, becoming a Certified Scrum Master not only ensures you are proficient with Scrum implementation but possess the necessary leadership skills to achieve success.

Certified Scrum Master Certification Cost

The Certified Scrum Master certification cost (Training + Exam) depends on the training provider, the geographical location, and who the (Certified Scrum Trainer) CST is. Popular CST batches will have a lot more participants, and the cost will also be on the higher side.

But on average, the cost of the CSM training will be anywhere in the range of USD 1000 to USD 1500 for a 2-day training program. The CSM certification training provided by Spoclearn will have the exam cost covered. The CSM certification exam cost USD 50. Participants failing in their first attempt will get another shot at the exam at no extra cost.

There are various governing bodies and organizations that offer Scrum Master certifications. Some of the most popular Scrum Master courses with Scrum Master certification costs are listed below:

1. Certified Scrum Master (CSM) offered by Scrum Alliance

The Scrum Alliance was founded in 2001 by the creators of the Scrum framework. This certification was the first of its kind and is the most widely recognized. The course itself can range from sixteen hours over two days to two/three days.

The training and examination fee combined range from USD 1000 – USD 1400. Maintaining valid accreditation is based on renewal every two years, costing USD 100. Candidates need to earn 20 SEUs to maintain their CSM certification. CSM Certification Training from Spoclearn is ideal for professionals across the globe, as they work with globally renowned CSTs to get widespread dates across time zones.

2. Professional Scrum Master (PSM) offered by was founded in 2009 by the co-founder of the Scrum framework, Ken Schwaber. The course was created as an alternative to the Scrum alliance training and is focused on practical application.

There are multiple levels of certification (PSM I, PSM II) ranging between USD $995 – $1695. Sitting the examination does not require training completion. Spoclearn offers PSM and PSPO certification training in more than 100+ locations worldwide. Book your PSM I certification training today!

3. Licensed Scrum Master offered by Scrum Inc.

Scrum Inc, founded in 2006, offered a number of enterprise coaching and consulting services. The classes are based on hands-on learning and dynamic training.

The course takes place online over two to three days with costs starting at USD $1995.

4. Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) offered by Project Management Institute

The PMI-ACP course offered by the Project Management Institute is a popular program for professionals looking for more diverse agile practice and principle applications.

Costs to sit the course and exam vary from exam-only costs. The training and exam range between USD $800 and $1400 based on location and training method. Examination costs vary based on PMI membership status but cost between USD $435 and $495.


Our article introduces the most popular Scrum certifications in the industry and compares the Scrum Master Certification Costs in order to help you decide which option is best for you.  

Certified Scrum Masters are the most in-demand certifications in enterprises across industry sectors. Not just CSM, but also PSM, Scrum Master Certified from Scrum Study, and others are slowly gaining in popularity under the Agile umbrella.

Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance is one of the most sought-after certifications by both professionals and enterprises worldwide. Spoclearn CSM certification helps professionals remain competitive in a challenging job market and also be part of the enterprise Agile transformation journey. Moreover, CSM-certified professionals also earn a better average salary in the range of USD 87,000 to USD 118,000 per annum.

Stefan Joseph
Stefan Joseph
Stella is an experienced project manager with a proven track record of delivering successful projects. She has expertise in project planning, communication, and collaboration, and works effectively with teams of all sizes. A lifelong learner, Stella constantly improves her approach to deliver exceptional results.


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