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scrum master certification exam

Scrum Master Certification Exam Preparation Guide

Picture of Mangesh Shahi
Mangesh Shahi
Mangesh Shahi is an Agile, Scrum, ITSM, & Digital Marketing pro with 15 years' expertise. Driving efficient strategies at the intersection of technology and marketing.

The Scrum Framework is a widely adopted method of Agile management. The objective is to deconstruct heavy projects and create a systematic approach to tackling the same piece-by-piece till successful completion. For businesses looking to incorporate the Scrum method into their organizations, introducing a Certified Scrum Master training from Scrum Alliance is key.

Scrum Masters are professionals certified to best implement Scrum principles while guiding a team to execute the same. Scrum Masters are required to sit an examination to be accredited with the title. The CSM exam is offered by several organizations, including institutions founded by the creators of the Scrum method. A Certified Scrum Master Exam opens a window of job opportunities in various departments and is extremely beneficial for project managers, product developers, etc., for their career enhancement.

What is a Scrum Master Certification?

If you aspire to be a project manager, product developer, or a similar role, a Scrum Master certification is a credential that recognizes your competency in Scrum project management principles. The Scrum framework is for agile software development that focuses on delivering valuable products in short iterations called sprints. A Scrum Master is a role that facilitates the collaboration and communication of the Scrum team and ensures that the team follows the Scrum events, values, principles, and practices.

There are many Scrum Master certifications available in 2023, but the most popular and widely recognized ones are the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) from the Scrum Alliance and the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) from Both of these certifications validate your knowledge and skills in applying the Scrum framework and leading Scrum teams. To obtain these certifications, you need to complete a training course and pass an online exam. 

CSM Exam Preparation Best Practices

More than 50% of participants for Scrum Master certification take up the CSM certification exam from Scrum Alliance, and the remaining comprises various other certifications that are part of, Scrum Inc, ScrumStudy, and more. Learners must read the scrum guide minutely to understand how the exam is conducted if there is any prerequisite, or what are the eligibility criteria.

The Scrum Master Certification also known as CSM certification costs will be included in the training fee charged, while re-sits are available for the examination, it is recommended to walk in as prepared as possible. To become a scrum master certified professional, apart from reading the Scrum guide, a professional-level Scrum Master training course regularly is of utmost importance. A holistic learning experience will provide the knowledge of scrum methodology that includes every detail of scrum framework, agile framework, etc.

Below are the best practices to prepare yourself to pass the Scrum Master exam on your first attempt and become a Scrum Master certified professional.

1. Attend Instructor-led CSM certification training

The ideal way to clear your CSM certification exam on your first attempt is to sit through an instructor-led CSM training course delivered by a recognized Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). The CST will help you to gain a complete understanding of Agile and Scrum concepts through various role-plays and group activities for two days and will lay the required foundation to understand the role of a Scrum Master properly. With a thorough understanding of the concepts, it is better advised to take the CSM exam within 1 week of the training when the concepts are fresh in your memory to clear the exam.

2. Head to the Official Course Material

Based on your institution or governing body of choice, they may provide training leading up to the examination or offer the option to sit the paper itself. In either case, official Scrum guides offer sourcebooks, course materials, and additional information about CSM rules and concepts. The official guides cover all the topics of the examination tests but should not be the only information being referred to for the best possible results. In a nutshell, you must read the Scrum guide thoroughly to evaluate the approximate difficulty level that you may face while appearing for the CSM examinations.

3. CSM Examinations

Mock exams or tests are a great way to familiarize a student with the exam structure and question phrasing. Taking multiple mock exams can also highlight areas of weakness and strength to restructure the topics that need more time and attention. To pass the Scrum Master exam the more you opt for mock exams or tests before you appear for the main exam, the better for you. Many global-level training platforms like Spoclearn provide mock tests and interview practices before D-day knocks on your door.

4. Study Materials

A number of course books and guides are available online. Scrum guides offer varying explanations of the same subject matter to find the right fit for any test taken. While physically buying the books may seem like the easier option, be sure to look out for PDF versions for reading on the go. A professional Scrum Master training course will always provide a robust reading guide that will cover the major parts. Besides, you have to be aware of the current development in the project management or agile teams so that you can align yourself with the latest technologies and skills.

5. Understanding Scrum

It may seem straightforward, but the best possible preparation tool is comprehensively understanding the material. Reading and cramming may not be the best approach to practically applied theories. For the best possible results with the Certified Scrum Master Examination, spend time understanding the various events, components, rules, and roles. Ensure thorough comprehension of the Scrum Team, Product Owner, and Scrum Master and their roles across the different events building the Scrum timeline.

6. Understand the Agile Manifesto

In the greater context of Scrum methods, understanding the Agile method, its four foundational values, and the twelve principles supporting the same can help. The Agile Manifesto allows for a better perception of interactions, processes, and tools offered within the scrum framework and applying them to success. It is easier to grasp the concepts needed to pass the CSM with a strong foundational understanding.

Scrum Master Job opportunities

A Scrum Master is a core part of the Scrum team and one of the most in-demand jobs in the software development industry. Passing the exam in one go will boost next-level confidence in you and that will reflect in your career path for sure. A Scrum Master career path opens avenues to several lucrative careers, industries, and organizations. Once you gain additional skills, you can progress to senior positions such as agile coaches, project managers, product owners, mentors, and chief information officers (CIOs). Some of the top companies hiring certified Scrum Masters across the globe are Bank of America Corp., The Boeing Company, JP Morgan and Chase, Accenture, and many more. 


To achieve the best possible results, spend time understanding the content and the structure of the examination. Where information gaps may lie between the two for the student personally would be a great jumping-off point to structure a palatable study guide. At Spoclearn, they offer retrospective sessions for various Scrum Master certification training programs for both individuals and enterprises to reinforce the learning concepts and address any shortcomings while implementing the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Scrum Master Certification?

Ans: A Scrum Master certification validates an individual’s expertise in the Scrum framework, commonly used in agile project management. Two well-known certifications are Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) from Scrum Alliance and Professional Scrum Master (PSM) from These certifications demonstrate an understanding of Scrum principles and practices, enhancing career prospects in agile and Scrum roles. Practical experience and ongoing learning are essential alongside certification.

2. How to Become a Scrum Master?

Ans: To become a certified Scrum Master you should possess people’s management and project management skills. On top of that, you must get trained in a professional and globally accredited Scrum Master certification course under the supervision of industry-experienced SMEs. Appear for multiple mock tests, and interviews, and get additional soft skills required to excel in this training course. In case you’re looking for a global-level Scrum Master Certification, reach out to Spoclearn at +18329240564

3. How to become a Scrum Master with no experience?

Ans: Understanding the Scrum framework properly is the major need to become a Scrum Master with no experience. You must have the knowledge and skills of the Scrum framework to coach a Scrum team. You can also apply Scrum principles and practices to your personal or professional projects, such as organizing a wedding, running a catering business, or managing your home tasks. This will help you gain practical experience and knowledge of Scrum

4. Which is better CSM or PSM?

Ans: CSM and PSM are two different certifications for Scrum Masters, and they are offered by different organizations. 

CSM (Certified ScrumMaster):

  • Offered by Scrum Alliance.
  • Covers a broad range of Scrum topics.
  • Requires attending a course and passing a multiple-choice exam.
  • Requires renewal every two years.

PSM (Professional Scrum Master):

  • Offered by
  • Focuses on deeper Scrum principles and application.
  • Has three levels of certification with varying assessments.
  • Certification is valid for a lifetime with no renewal required.

6. What is Agile Scrum Master?

Ans: An Agile Scrum Master is a role within Agile and Scrum methodologies responsible for facilitating and guiding teams in adopting and implementing the Scrum framework to efficiently deliver value to customers.

7. Which Scrum Master certification is best?

Ans: These are the Scrum Master certifications that you can appear for. However, you have to consider your academic background, work experience, training level, and other vital factors to choose the right Scrum Master certification. To get a clear picture of how to choose the best Scrum Master certification, call Spoclearn’s counselors at +18329240564. The most popular certifications are:

  • Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®)
  • Professional Scrum Master™ ( PSM™ )
  • Advanced Certified ScrumMaster℠ (A-CSM℠)
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO)  
  • SAFe® Scrum Master Certification  
  • PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI – ACP)® 
  • Scrum Master by Scrum Inc.™ Certification

8. Is Scrum Master a good job?

Ans: The Scrum Master career path is lucrative and rewarding, but it has challenges as well. To be successful in this role, you should have excellent people management skills and a deep understanding of Agile principles. You must also be able to deal with ambiguity and constantly changing priorities. Your critical thinking and problem-solving skills should also be quite prominent.

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