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Digital Advertisement Guide

The Ultimate Digital Advertisement Guide 2024

Picture of Mangesh Shahi
Mangesh Shahi
Mangesh Shahi is an Agile, Scrum, ITSM, & Digital Marketing pro with 15 years' expertise. Driving efficient strategies at the intersection of technology and marketing.

How many of you who own a business have faced challenges while spending behind Digital Advertisements? Let’s get one thing straight first paid advertisements on social media often really cost a fortune but it will grow 11.76% annually by 2026. That is not going to be in your favor if the ROI against this cost is low and the product is not sold. According to research, three-fourths of marketers fail to use behavioral data for online ad targeting and hence, they incur a terrible loss. However, it is not just data but every resource you have for your business will impact directly on the type of paid advertisement you’re investing. This blog will show how you can ace the paid Digital Advertisement game in 2024 along with insights to help you grow your business through modern Digital Marketing

What is Paid Digital Advertising?

To be very honest, if your business has just stepped inside the lifecycle and you’re relying on organic reach, that might be a hard nut to crack unless you have a very influential network. You have to chase attention and we mean it. Investing in paid advertisement is a way of chasing attention that will eventually bring food to the table. Let’s travel 20 years back when social ads, google ads, etc., did not get the fame as the present day. To launch a new product or service, people used to pay money to the local cable network, advertisement agencies for billboards, the printing house for printing leaflets or pamphlets, and so on. Therefore, the process of monetary transactions in exchange for gaining popularity has always been an age-old process.

paid Digital Advertising

Since the population on social media or any digital platform has increased, instead of pushing traditional advertisement, brands are looking forward to Digital Advertisement. If you are still waiting for an organic reach that will lead to a solid conversion, you’re living in a fool’s paradise. Team Kepios has conducted a detailed analysis and their study shows that there are 4.95 billion social media users around the world in October 2023, equating to 61.4 percent of the total global population.

The image below will give a clear picture of the overview of social media use and why you must catch up as fast as possible. Go through this data thoroughly to understand the parameters you must focus on to grow your business better and faster.

Overview of Social Media Use

Image Source:

Types of Paid Digital Advertisement

1. Paid LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a place where you can cultivate your network and convert them to your potential customers. However, you first need to have self-awareness if your product or service is aligned with the LinkedIn environment. We’re considering the image below for your reference:

LinkedIn Ads

The first thing you can notice is the word ‘promoted’ written right below Microsoft for Startups. Whenever you find the word promoted or sponsored, it means that it is a paid ad. It can be a carousel ad as well where more than 1 image of the ad will appear. With every paid ad, there should be a Call-to-Action button and in this case, it’s ‘Learn More’.
Now the question often arises who should go for a LinkedIn ad and why? Well, anybody can but you have to ask yourself if your business will be beneficial to the entire business and professional network you’re having on LinkedIn. Salesforce shares data and says that 74% of LinkedIn users gain insights on leads they would not have known otherwise. 2023 brings spectacular data that states 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix.


Image Source:

2. Display Ads

These are other types of PPC (pay-per-click) ads that appear on Google’s partner website. Usually, ads are either videos or images with a CTA but display ads are images with text. Display ads will enable you to target the niche that has an interest in the product or service you’re offering. You can also set a particular target market or aim at targeting people who visit your website or other websites relevant to yours.

However, there is one problem with this ad you get text and images approved by Google. You have to follow Google’s ad image requirements to get your ad content approved. Thereafter, you’ll select industry-related sites for your ads to appear, since choosing the right places will generate the leads that you want. For example, on your smartphone, you have a gaming app called Subway Surfers and a fashion brand app like H&M. So while playing the game during any cool-down period or before another round starts you must have noticed such display ads. These display ads are posted by H&M as they know you’re their customer and since you also play Subway Surfers, displaying this ad in between the game ensures that you’re watching it.

Source: The Times of India

The image above shows a display ad that is of that motorbike. 

3. Social Media Ads (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.)

One of the biggest challenges business owners face while posting paid ads on social media is the budget. Business owners often complain that they’re providing genuine information and service to help their customers but the money they have spent on Digital Ads is not generating the ROI as desired. Well, there could be a plethora of reasons but let’s look at the major areas of social media marketing in terms of paid Digital Advertisement.

Thumbnail plays a massive role in paid Digital Ads because they create the first impression. If the thumbnails of your ads cannot catch the attention of the customers, the game is over! Thumbnails should be catching enough to let the customers click the ad and watch what’s inside. If you come across the thumbnails as designed by Netflix, you can easily figure out how expressive they are.
Netflix makes sure that the thumbnails you see are chosen just for you. They use a detailed process called Aesthetic Visual Analysis (AVA) that looks at every frame of a video. Take a look at the thumbnails for “Stranger Things” – they’re all unique and show different parts of the series. This isn’t random; it’s done on purpose. Netflix wants to grab your interest by showing you a thumbnail that suits your taste. They do this so more people will be interested in watching the show, each based on what appeals to them the most.

Thumbnails paid digital ads

Image Source:

A prime reason why brands do not get connected to the audience is because the text content they’re writing is not up to the mark

Kimirica Social media ads

Kimirica has posted this digital ad on Instagram and their goal is to sell the item. It is a luxury brand and therefore, it’s providing something beyond this bathing kit. This ad shows a woman coming home from outside and then using their bathing kit to rejuvenate herself aesthetically and destress herself. Kimirica has magically touched the pain point of people who direly seek a refreshing bath that is therapeutic as well after a long hectic day. Captions and descriptions that can touch the pain point of the public convert the most. Brands should focus on the text content also apart from filming or making a paid digital ad. The main agenda is to make the audience feel the problem they’re facing and that you have the perfect solution for them.
Well, you must have noticed that the organic reach on Instagram has gone down compared to the last few years. Somewhat the same is the scenario with paid Digital Ads. The only reason is that Instagram is not the only interface that allows users to draw traffic. Pinterest and TikTok are equally offering a classic platform where you can run your paid ads and earn hefty. You can add slides of pictures or videos in your ads.

Pinterest and TikTok Ads

4. Digital Ads with Influencers

Building a brand on social media will generate more traffic than affiliate marketing. Social media marketing will help you with more control over the marketing process and will be totally a performance-based goal. You can control the Digital Ads and the CTA buttons and regulate them according to your business status. However, in certain cases, affiliate marketing hits a sixer when you collaborate with an influencer.
Influencer marketing is one of the trending Social Media Marketing tactics that Digital Marketers are implementing. If you’re planning to reach out to a certain segment but are unable to do that yourself, an influencer can carry you. Having said that choosing an influencer is of utmost importance because their behavior and pattern of execution can let your brand’s reputation go south if not guided well. You have to be extremely cautious when you collaborate with influencers and keep a checklist of the parameters your brand is targeting. If and only if all the parameters are checked, you can work with the influencer. There should not be a compromise in this case.

Digital Ads with Influencers

The image shows an influencer page on Instagram called that is performing an affiliate marketing campaign on certain products of Amazon.

5. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing in Digital Marketing is a fantastic method of brushing up the memories of the audience or customers. This is quite essential as it helps your brand get a loyal customer base and this in turn will let you grow through word of mouth. The main purpose of remarketing is to constantly remind your customers about your existence. It solves the huge purpose of keeping your customers intact along with an audience who are interested in the product or services that are quite relatable with your brand. Paid remarketing ads can be in the form of images, videos, emails, etc.

Let’s say you are searching for details about Google Ads for a long period and then you leave their website. Google will remarket and retarget you and will show you their ads on any social platform that is linked with the same Gmail account just like this.

Remarketing Ads

Another interesting thing we would also like to point out. If you see the right panel, there are two sponsored ads one from Nat Habit and the other from Perfume Lab. It is because someone may have searched for the same brand or a similar one and hence, these brands are remarketing their target audience. 

What Makes a Brand Famous on Social Media?

Becoming famous or viral on social media is not as smooth as it seems. Various organic ways can help you pull the traffic but there is a huge difference between getting traffic on your website and generating revenue. For any Digital Ads you’re planning to post, make sure that the following components are present:

  • A catching hook
  • Product benefits
  • Product demonstration
  • Identifying a problem/Customer pain point
  • Social proof/Validation
  • Call-to-Action (CTA)

Make sure that the hook you’re adding should have the potential to catch the attention of the audience otherwise, the remaining points make no sense. Therefore, the first 3-5 seconds of your paid ad should be highly attractive. The visual content for any digital ad can be divided into 3 main parts with these components as mentioned above.

Content Framework

This concept will save you time a lot! Let’s say your brand is offering a service or a product and you want to post some paid digital ad content. While shooting for the hook, consider 6 different hooks and then shoot 6 different times. Do not go for filming the whole ad at one go as later it will be difficult to assemble and mix each of these components. The same goes for 3 different cores and CTAs. Later you can mix and match these components and hence, now you can have 54 unique content for your paid Digital Ad content. 

Well, the game does not end here. Suppose one of your ads hits social media and generates excellent ROI that does not mean that you’ll stop posting. If your business is doing good and you stop putting effort into regular posting on social media, you’ll go downhill in no time. Everyone may not own a laptop or a desktop but the availability of smartphones is in abundance. 
Backlinko shared a statistic a few days ago that says 56.8% of the world’s total population is using social media. However, the platform penetration rates from people in eligible audiences, 93.33% of 4.8 billion global internet users and 85% of 5.27 billion mobile phone users are on social media. This number may be magnificent but will be scary for you if you are irregular on social media. Let’s say you have gained 100 customers or followers who have engaged with your paid Digital Advertisement. If you post irregularly, you are bound to lose some of these followers and won’t gain new followers as well.

Paid Ads ROI by Backlinko

Last but not least, you have to be considerate to your employees. You have to change the age-old concept that they’re working for you for salary. Try to hit it from a different angle, that they are investing their skill and time in your brand in exchange for money. Therefore, along with your dedication and ideology, it’s undoubtedly their effort that is making your brand successful. Stop spending hours in a meeting on a topic that can be solved over a phone call or an email. All these are time-consuming and eventually adversely affect their productivity. 


Well, that was all about the ultimate Digital Advertisement guide that you need to execute in 2024 to win the race. Remember the steps and framework that will increase the visibility of your brand and bring luxe food to your table. Just don’t ever give up! Even if you fall 7 times, get up the 8th time and make a fresh start. Grow your brand digitally now!

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