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What is the Agile Scrum Foundation? – A Complete Overview

What are Agile and Scrum?

Agile is one of the popular software development methodologies used worldwide in various types and forms. The importance of Agile is to enhance the teams to deliver the product faster and in less pain, with a greater likelihood of success. But today, Agile is no longer restricted only to the Software industry. It is finding widespread application in varied businesses, which have found the Agile way of working highly efficient and profitable by responding to customers’ needs better and thereby improving the business value of their respective organizations.

On the other hand, Scrum is a framework that makes it easy for teams to work in unity. Scrum is so popular that it is used by Software Development Teams worldwide across industry sectors, and its ideas and reading can be applied to all kinds of communities. We can safely say that Scrum is a subset of Agile.

 Agile Scrum Foundation (ASF):

The Agile Scrum Foundation Certification course provides individuals with a certificate that includes the concept of Agile and Scrum practices. EXIN Agile Scrum is the World’s first certification program that consolidates the combined knowledge of Agile service management and Scrum methodology. Scrum is highly popular in Agile teams, so much so that more than 70% of Agile systems apply the Scrum Framework. On this note, it is perceivable that Agile Scrum Foundation certification makes a strong statement for a professional regarding their knowledge and proficiency of Agile and Scrum practices and their implementation in an organization.

Agile Scrum Foundation Certification Training Course:

For applying to this Agile Scrum Foundation (ASF) training in India, the trainee should have a basic understanding of the Agile concepts. The duration of this ASF training is either 2-day training delivered for 16 instructor-led hours. Along with this Agile Scrum Foundation course, the learners will also upgrade and consolidate their pre-existing knowledge of the Agile way of thinking, Scrum planning and Estimation, Monitoring Scrum projects, Backlogs concepts, etc.

Details of Agile Scrum Foundation Exam:

To be certified as an Agile Scrum Foundation professional, one has to appear in the ASF certification exam offered by EXIN. This ASF exam is a closed book, multiple choice type exam of 1hour duration, which consists of a total 40 number of questions. To pass the ASF exam, the minimum score is 65 %. The test is available globally for a fee in multiple languages. On average, the ASF exam fee costs USD 250 per participant.

For whom is the Agile Scrum Foundation Certification intended?

The Agile Scrum Foundation is designed on the understanding of fundamental principles of Agile principles and the application of these principles via the Scrum Methodology. It is designed especially for project managers or leaders. This certification is helpful for professionals who are engaged in Project Management, Software Development, IT Service Management, and Business Management.

What is the Agile Scrum Foundation?

Components of the Agile Scrum Foundation course:

The Agile Scrum Foundation course is intended to inculcate the following in the trainees undergoing the course.

  1. The Agile way of thinking: To put it in simple words, Agile teaches one to get any project done by designing a method to divide it into smaller parts and interconnect the parts in such a way that the focus on the intended product is not lost. Instead, this system enables the team to realize incremental product delivery on their product, thereby imparting visible profitability to the organization.

The Agile way also expects flexibility to evolve along the way of designing the product so that by the time the final product is ready, it is not made into something which was not planned in the first place. Therefore, communication is given high priority in the Agile way.

Scrum Concepts like:

1. Scrum Practices: The various components of Sprint, that is, planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective, are taught in detail.

2. Scrum Planning and Estimation: This is a vital part of Scrum and includes five key components, namely:

  • Creating user stories
  • Approve, estimate and approve user stories
  • Create tasks
  • Estimate tasks
  • Create sprint backlog.

3. Monitoring Scrum Projects: Estimation of the progress via the burn-down chart is taught. This is a graphic representation of the actual progress versus the desired or ideal progress.

4. Advanced Scrum Concepts are also taught to the participant.

Perks of the EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation Certification:

  1. It helps to imbibe and reconsolidate the Scrum principles.
  2. It helps a professional to bring about a shift in his mindset.
  3. This highly coveted certification boosts one’s career prospects and allows one to stay ahead of times.
  4. Teaches teamwork.


Agile Scrum Foundation is an entry-level training program exclusively aimed at professionals and enterprises who are devising methodologies to transform work across sectors into easier and more efficient, thereby ensuring higher rates of success. The ASF certification training is ideal for product managers and business owners to train them in the philosophy of Agile as well as the methodology of Scrum. At Spoclearn, we deliver various EXIN certification courses as we are an Accredited Training Organization of EXIN to deliver their Agile Scrum Foundation training and Agile Scrum Master training programs worldwide.



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