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PRINCE2 Certification Cost in 2024

Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar is a seasoned professional with 10 years' expertise in Quality Management, Project Management, and DevOps. He has a proven track record of driving excellence and efficiency through integrated strategies.

Professional certifications in the age of competitive job hunting could be the difference between elevation and stagnation. The PRINCE2 certification courses and examinations help accredit professionals with strong project management skills. The PRINCE2 framework, pioneered in the UK, has been widely adopted by private sector businesses worldwide bringing awareness to the practical method.

The PRINCE2 framework follows clear, defined roles and responsibilities delegated to team members and stakeholders accordingly. The final objective of the PRINCE2 framework is to introduce a product-centric management approach that creates final products that are high in quality while minimizing both waste and risk.

To best implement PRINCE2 practices, professionals must complete the certification course and receive the accreditation. This also tells employers the professional has adequate skills and knowledge to adopt the PRINCE2 practices and principles to their organization. Additionally, certified individuals are on the receiving end of better pay, perks, and promotions than their non-certified counterparts.

PRINCE2® 7 Foundation Certification

Types of Prince2 Certification and Their Cost

There are two types of certification offered: a Prince2 foundational Course and a Prince2 Practitioner Certification. Depending on where you are located, pricing for the examination bundle of both courses could cost USD 300. This does not include a trainer and depends strongly on guided self-learning using provided resources. Access to these resources is offered on an annual basis.

Trainers are available, and again, depending on region, can cost upwards of USD 60 and help you complete the course over a month. The foundational examination on its own can cost USD 900, it would be a more economical decision to pick up the examination bundle especially if the candidate is looking for a well-rounded understanding of the PRINCE2 system.

For individuals looking for comprehensive training, classroom environments can bring the PRINCE2 certification cost to around USD 1000. This charge includes the cost of both the PRINCE2 Foundation certification and Prince2 Practitioner certification examinations.

The best possible understanding of costs in your region would be to enquire about your current location in particular. Training and costs are likely to vary depending on availability within your geography and are charged accordingly.

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Cost

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is recommended for professionals looking to begin their journey with PRINCE2 and its system of management. While the course structures or training can vary depending on the organization of choice, the examination remains static.

The paper is an hour long and consists of sixty questions. The questions are phrased in multiple-choice and vary between filling in the blanks and picking the correct answer. This examination is not an open book paper but the reference book “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” publication is highly recommended. A minimum of 55% or 33 questions correct is required to pass this paper.

The PRINCE2 foundation examination costs upwards of USD 280. This cost is normally included in the course fee which averages at USD 595.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Cost

After successful completion of the PRINCE2 Foundation exam or course, a professional is qualified to sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. The alternative prerequisites are either a PMP (Professional Project Manager) or CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification or holding an IMPA Level A/B/C/D.

Unlike the PRINCE2 foundation examination, the PRINCE2 practitioner exam is two and a half hours long. The paper consists of eight questions with ten subsections per question. The paper is structured around objective testing and shares a minimum passing mark of 55% to complete the exam. The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is also an open book. Candidates are allowed to bring in the PRINCE2 manual with them to complete the same.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner examination costs upwards of USD 320. This cost is normally included in the course fee for PRINCE2 practitioners which averages at USD 650.

Learning after Completion of the Course

1. A strong understanding of the PRINCE2 structure, governance requirements, and the supplementary Agile concepts.

2. The opportunity to explore the PRINCE2 structure independently and the practical application of the same.

3. A full-scale look at the applicability scope of PRINCE2 across several industries and organization sizes for versatile incorporation anywhere in the world.

With over a million certified PRINCE2 professionals across the world, the project management practice is widely adopted and has seen success. The concepts learned during the certification course and displayed in the examinations offer a leg up in professionally competitive environments. Additionally, 88% of project professionals have claimed understanding PRINCE2 has offered them better opportunities throughout their careers.


For professionals looking for a more economical way to get PRINCE2 certified, examination and training providers often bundle the two examinations together. The PRINCE2 foundation certification training and PRINCE2 practitioner certification training with the examinations hosted in a live virtual classroom setup can cost about USD 1145. Prices are bound to vary based on the geographical location of the candidate and the preference for in-person or online training.

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