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AWS Solution Architect Roles, Responsibilities, and Salaries

AWS Solution Architect Roles, Responsibilities and Salaries

Picture of Stella Martin
Stella Martin
Stella brings over a decade of expertise in AWS and CyberSecurity, showcasing a remarkable record of success. Her extensive experience spans various facets of these fields, making her a valuable asset to any team or project requiring specialized knowledge and proficiency.

AWS-certified professionals are earning hefty salaries because various web-related processes are increasing rapidly in the market. With a proper AWS certification, you can also crack significant jobs globally. This blog will discuss how much the remuneration structure of AWS professionals is based on certain specific parameters like level of experience, qualifications, skills, etc.

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Who is an AWS Solution Architect?

AWS Solution Architect

Image source:

Before we jump on to that section, let’s understand who an AWS Solution Architect is. 

Within the AWS Cloud, an AWS Solutions Architect designs builds, and supports important technology and applications for businesses. They have the knowledge and skills to create advanced solutions in the cloud, move existing work to the cloud, and more.

AWS Solution Architects help businesses with cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS). They work closely with clients to understand what they need and then create the best solution possible. They also work with other teams on AWS projects to make sure everything runs smoothly. If any issues come up, they’re there to fix them and keep everything working well.

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Roles and Responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect

Roles and Responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect

Image source:

Out of Azure and AWS, AWS has a much bigger piece of the pie, holding 47.1 percent of the cloud computing market, which is a 42% increase from the year before. Because AWS is the biggest cloud computing service globally right now, being an AWS Solutions Architect offers lots of opportunities and good pay.

Broadly speaking, an AWS Solution Architect is responsible for meeting clients or potential customers through an in-person meeting or conference call. The main purpose is to understand the pain points of the customers and what service they need specifically. Besides, AWS Solution Architects should have excellent problem-solving skills as their input on cost estimation and identifying cost control mechanisms will play a massive role in closing sales. 

Reviewing existing environments or planning strategies for new ones are other major key points of focus that an AWS Architect Solution takes care of. This includes high-class time management skills and staying updated with the ever-evolving technology. Staying relevant about the latest best practices to improve existing AWS solutions is what your superiors will look up to you always. 

In a nutshell, let’s see what are the Roles and Responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect:

  • Building and maintaining affordable and flexible cloud systems for the company.

  • Understanding what the company wants to achieve and making cloud-based solutions to help.

  • Updating old systems by moving them to the cloud to make the company work better.

  • Keeping cloud systems safe and running smoothly to avoid problems.

  • Checking if other platforms or tools might be risky for the company.

  • Finding ways to use technology to improve everyday tasks and how the business runs.

  • Making and managing software for the company to use internally in the cloud.

  • Shifting the company’s activities and data to cloud systems.

  • Making sure that if data is lost or systems stop working, it doesn’t happen often.

  • Learning about the best ways to use cloud systems and making the company’s cloud setup better.

  • Talking with different parts of the company like IT, operations, and sales.

  • Creating software and talking with people involved to meet the project’s needs.

  • Suggesting what kind of technology the company should use based on the project and what the company needs.

Salary of an AWS Solution Architect

Let’s take a look at the top 10 AWS salaries earned by professionals globally based on their skills and experience.

Salary of an AWS Solution Architect

Image source:

From this graphical representation, you can see how much an AWS Solution Architect earns. 

According to job websites like ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor, Solutions Architects get paid differently depending on where they work. In the United States, they usually make around $155,005 per year, but this can vary from $87,000 to $191,000 based on their skills and experience. In India, they earn about ₹653,060 annually, with salaries ranging from ₹300,000 to ₹1,500,000. In the United Kingdom, their average salary is £75,000 per year, but it could be between £62,000 and £90,000. In Canada, Solutions Architects typically earn around CA$100,000 per year. In Australia, they might make about AU$113,000 yearly. In Singapore, the salary for Solutions Architects is around S$133,900 per year.

The table below will give a clear picture of the salary structure of an AWS Solution Architect

CountriesBeginners (1-4 years experience)Intermediate Professionals (5-9 years experience)Experienced professionals (> 10 years experience)
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in the USA$113,145$128,709$153,900
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in CanadaCAD88,245CAD99,456CAD104,834
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in the UK£48,634£57,123£64,045
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in India₹644,000₹13,86,744₹24,67,543
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in AustraliaAUD104,371AUD134,516AUD 131,456
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in Germany€62,774€80,000€98,675
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in UAEAED 155,000AED 212,958AED 305,070
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in SingaporeS$ 53,000S$110,538S$109,293
AWS Solutions Architect Salary in MalaysiaRM. 116,000RM 146,290RM 164,983

Factors Affecting the Salaries of AWS Architect Solution Professionals

  • Level of Experience: Your experience in the field is a big factor in determining your salary. Beginners typically earn less than those with more experience. On average, AWS-certified professionals make around $100,000 per year. Newcomers might start at about $89,000, but with more experience, salaries can reach up to $155,055.

  • Employer: An individual’s salary can also vary based on your job role and where you work. In India, for example, AWS professionals working at companies like Accenture earn an average base salary of around $150,000. With more experience, you can expect higher pay.

  • Skillset: Your specific skills in AWS can greatly affect your salary. Different skill sets command different pay levels, as seen in the previous examples.

  • Location: Location/demography plays a crucial role in salary differences. Some countries offer higher salaries for AWS professionals, so it’s important to consider where you work. The above table shows some examples of AWS Solution Architect salaries in various parts of the world.


In conclusion, becoming an AWS Certified Professional can lead to lucrative career opportunities with competitive salaries worldwide. Your pay can be influenced by various factors such as experience, job role, skill set, and location. As demonstrated, salaries for AWS professionals can vary significantly, with ample room for growth and advancement as you gain more experience and expertise in the field. It’s important to carefully consider these factors when planning your career path in AWS Certification to maximize your earning potential and professional satisfaction.

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