Certified Agile Marketing Specialist Training in United States

Today, Agile has spread across various industry sectors in United States that are other than IT. With Agile being embedded into workplace cultures worldwide, it was critical for other non-technical domains to also embrace Agile. Agile Marketing was specifically created to gain an in-depth understanding of the relationship between marketing and sales with Agile techniques that aid in product development across industry sectors. Certified Agile Marketing Specialist is one such beginner-level course that sheds light on incorporating Agile best practices to sales and marketing domains to create campaigns that deliver real business value. Select the schedule below to enroll in this CAMS training course in United States.

Certified Agile Marketing Specialist Training in United States

Key Features of Certified Agile Marketing Specialist Training

  • 2-Day interactive instructor-led Certified Agile Marketing Specialist training
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • 14 PMI PDUs provided post completion of the training
  • Expert Agile Marketing trainers across the globe
  • Accredited CAMS course material prepared by SMEs
  • Case Studies with real-world examples
  • CAMS Sample Practice Tests provided
  • Choose CAMS schedules across 100+ locations globally
  • Take this CAMS training with 4hours/day on weekdays and 8hours/day on weekends options
  • Free 1 year membership to Agile Marketing Academy

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Course overview

Certified Agile Marketing Specialist (CAMS) Training in United States

Enroll in this Certified Agile Marketing Specialist Training in United States to gain a proper understanding of Agile Marketing principles. This course helps learners to understand the fundamental shift in mindset instead of focusing on who you can sell to than who needs you the most while leveraging fast-paced iterations to achieve maximum output.

This Certified Agile Marketing Specialist (CAMS) training course in United States will be delivered in five different learning modes such as classroom training, online training, onsite training, private team training, and private 1-to-1 training. Irrespective of which industry/sector you belong to, this Agile Marketing training course is relevant for anybody who is looking to learn basic concepts of implementing Agile best practices to sales and 

Target Audience

  • Marketing Managers
  • Directors
  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Operations Team Members
  • Project Team Members
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Event Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Copywriters
  • Website content editors
  • SEO Specialists
  • Communications Specialists
  • Content Managers/Writers/Coordinators
  • Participants looking to gain a fundamental understanding of Agile Marketing concepts
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their CAMS certification exam

Pre -requisites

There are no pre-requisites to take up the Certified Agile Marketing Specialist (CAMS) training.

Exam Format

Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions

No. of Questions: 40

Exam Duration: 60 Mins

Level: Foundation

Passing Score: 30 marks out of 40 (equivalent to 75%)

Languages: English

Closed Book

Certified Agile Marketing Specialist Course Agenda

    Agile Marketing Overview

    Understanding the Problem that You Solve

    The Value of Your Solution

    Identifying Your Avatar

FAQs on Certified Agile Marketing Specialist

In a nutshell, Agile Marketing is nothing but incorporating Agile best practices into your marketing initiatives. With Agile Marketing, teams now have a robust approach towards business-critical projects and complete them by collaborating with various teams, measure the impact, and finally improve upon them in an incremental manner to deliver qualitative results every time. With an iteration-based approach, Agile Marketing helps individuals to be more organized and be less stressed.

With Agile Marketing, individuals and enterprise teams learn about:

  • Sprints
  • Daily Stand-ups
  • Retrospectives
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Collaboration
  • Rapid Iterations
  • Testing & Continual Improvement

This Certified Agile Marketing Specialist is a beginner level Agile Marketing course provided by Agile Marketing Academy for professionals and organizations worldwide. This CAMS training helps professionals to gain a fundamental understanding of implementing Agile concepts to marketing initiatives to understand which are the campaigns that deliver maximum results. The CAMS training will be delivered by a Certified Agile Marketing TrainerTM (CAMT), and participants attending this 2-day training will receive a copy of the CAMS course material and course completion certificate.

Yes, the exam fee is included along with the CAMS course fee.

Yes, Agile Marketing certification training is worth it in today’s complex and challenging business landscape. There are no second chances for business entities to get it right when they take on a marketing campaign for a client or for an in-house project. With Agile Marketing, professionals know which are the campaigns that are worthwhile to pursue and which are not. With quick iterations and continuous development, marketing campaigns and sales operations can be fine-tuned with proper collaboration between the teams with the help of daily stand-ups, sprints, and retrospectives on a project-by-project basis.

Considering the wide-spread adoption of Agile transformation globally in the IT sector, it is time for other domains within the enterprise to adopt Agile that include Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, and other departments. Get yourself certified as an Agile Marketing Specialist to stay relevant and also to achieve better salary remuneration than your non-certified counterparts.

The Certified Agile Marketing Specialist certification exam will be provided by the Agile Marketing Academy through their online portal and will be an online-proctored examination.

The learning objectives of CAMS training are:

  • Understand the Agile Marketing foundations and its core values
  • Using Agile best practices in Product Development and for Marketing
  • Gain understanding of visual collaborative approaches to identify customer needs
  • Adopt an iterative process towards Marketing for quick results & sustainable growth
  • Focus on the customer relationships that deliver utmost value
  • Creating systems and proper messaging to find and nurture ideal customers
  • Review of case studies applying these techniques to yield rapid growth
  • Moving beyond theory into real-world application

Below are the steps to become a certified Agile Marketing Professional: 

  • Select the schedule for the CAMS training along with the delivery mode
  • Prepare for the training by going through the training collaterals provided by Spoclearn
  • Attend the 2-day instructor-led Certified Agile Marketing Leadership training
  • Prepare the CAMS certification exam by taking as many practice tests as possible
  • Clear your CAMS certification exam on your first attempt to become an Agile Marketing Certified professional.


As part of your CAMS training, you will receive: 

  • A copy of the CAMS training materials
  • CAMS training resources from Agile Marketing Academy
  • 14 PMI PDUs course completion certificate
  • 1 year free membership to Agile Marketing Academy


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